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HomeBuddy delivers a consistent flow of profitable new customers seeking services in your area. No call center or limited hours? Our call center is open 7 days a week, up to 15 hours a day, and can set appointments for you. We take the guesswork out of new business generation to help you grow.

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What Our Contractors Are Saying

  • Bath Solutions Review

    “We have been working with HomeBuddy for some time now and are very impressed with the results we have gotten. There is nowhere else that can offer you a better deal on high-quality exclusive leads.

    Not only do they provide great leads, but this team is very responsive and excellent to work with. In a world full of companies willing to buy and sell low-quality shared leads, HomeBuddy definitely stands out from the rest!”

  • American Tubs Review

    “American Tubs has been working with HomeBuddy since early 2020. Our account manager has been supportive, available, and proactive on the campaigns from the beginning.

    In partnership with HomeBuddy, we have exceeded marketing and sales’ goals as well as metrics. We value HomeBuddy as a key component to our present and future growth.”

  • YHIC Review

    “We have been using HomeBuddy for a little over a year and we are very happy with the results. We were struggling with lead aggregators that had really low set rates which was causing us to be over our marketing budget.

    With HomeBuddy, we are at a very high set rate which is helping us hit our marketing goals within our budget every month! Thank you for your partnership!”

  • Bath Planet DC Review

    “We started working with HomeBuddy in June 2020. Our account manager was very clear on his expectations for our team before we signed the documents to start our campaign. This was a first for me to have a lead generation company explain and/or expect their expectations related to conversions.

    We have excelled past HomeBuddy’s expectations and far past the expectations we set fourth prior to the start of the campaign. We average less than 10% marketing costs month over month. Our account manager is a pleasure to work with, I wish all of our lead generation partners were geared like HomeBuddy.”

  • Master's Home Solutions Review

    “I work with several different lead generation companies and HomeBuddy is one of the best ones! We're able to keep our marketing costs in check and I think that is due to how diligent the HomeBuddy team is at going over reports and making those little adjustments that can make a huge difference!”

  • Tranquility WIT Review

    "I have been working with HomeBuddy for over a year now and my experience with them has been positive so far. I like that the leads that I receive are 100% exclusive to my company and are not shared with any other contractors in the area. The quality of the leads are good and have helped my company generate more sales.

    Communication is very important to help my business and HomeBuddy is on top of this for me. Compared to the other lead companies I work with, my account manager is probably the most responsive rep I have worked with and takes care of my business needs in a timely manner.

    I highly recommend you try out HomeBuddy and see what they can do for your business!"

  • Bath Planet CT Review

    "HomeBuddy has been a phenomenal fit for our company and has helped grow our business so much. They exceeded what we expected to receive ten fold. Nothing but positive things to say about this company."

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Looking For New Customers?

Over 40,000 homeowners visit HomeBuddy each day.