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About HomeBuddy

HomeBuddy is an online home improvement platform connecting homeowners with local, verified contractors. Though already well-established, HomeBuddy is growing at a fast pace and searching for ambitious, high-impact people in many professional categories. Join us for a rewarding career at a welcoming, supportive and exciting company.

Our values

Deliver An Outstanding Result

Work with the best in the industry. We’re hungry to make a difference for our clients and grow fast!

Challenge The Status Quo & Drive Innovation

Share your wildest ideas fearlessly - it’s our goal to disrupt the advertising industry and map new ways to succeed.

Collaborate With Openness & Respect

Drive outstanding business results at HomeBuddy through open collaboration and a respect for every individual’s efforts and ideas.

Operate With Honesty & Transparency

Dedicated to transparency and honesty in decision-making at every level of the company - from teams right through to HomeBuddy’s leadership.

Be Flexible

HomeBuddy is an exponentially growing company. Fast growth needs flexibility from the team to tackle the challenges we face daily.

Our culture

At HomeBuddy, we’ve worked hard to develop a very welcoming and friendly environment where everyone is valued for both their uniqueness and professional abilities. A good company culture starts with us; we share a positive attitude toward peers, clients and vendors.

Our team

Our people are experts in their field who want to win and work with a laser-focus toward that goal. We come from different countries and have diverse skills and experiences, but we all share the same intention: to succeed by helping our clients succeed!


Join Our Remote Team

Create an impact for HomeBuddy by becoming a part of our passionate, highly professional and completely remote global team.

What We Offer

What our people say

  • Maria HR

    I like that working in HomeBuddy I have the opportunity not only to grow professionally and gain new experience but also to work in a wonderful team, where we grow together and work for the best result. It is precious that by working with people from different countries, the company was able to build a workflow in such a way that everyone can maintain a work-life balance. At the same time, we manage to share both career and personal achievements :)

  • Arveen Business Development

    I really believe in the value of teamwork and transparency in the workplace. I found this at HomeBuddy and I have been happy with my decision of joining the team. I believe strongly in working with other people towards a common goal and I know the skills I bring not only as a manager, but as a team member will not only bring me work satisfaction but will make me a valuable teammate as well.

  • Denis IT

    For me, HomeBuddy is at first a treasure trove of knowledge and a group of professionals in their own areas of expertise. It's absolutely necessary for me to have constant growth and development, which is what differentiates our company from many others. Everywhere and always, we feel the support of the management, and we also support each other. What's even more valuable is that every person in the company is treated as a member of the family with care and consideration.
    You have to be here to feel it.

  • Brian Product

    HomeBuddy is the best company I’ve had the opportunity to work with during my career. There’s real respect for initiative and an open mindedness about new ideas and ways of doing things. If you have a creative approach to a challenge, management will listen. The people I work with never fail to impress me with their expertise and enthusiasm. I’m very happy I made the decision to join and look forward to continuing to grow here.

  • Kateryna Finance

    At HomeBuddy I feel that my work is valuable, I feel support from my Team and Managers. Siren always provides me with new career opportunities and interesting challenges. Thinking three years back, I see how much I have grown and developed within Siren. This is most important for me.

  • Stanislav IT

    HomeBuddy has a very strong IT department, and I am happy to work with such a professional team. Thanks to the close collaboration between Business and IT, all issues are resolved quickly and I always see a response to my own efforts in the company's successes.

  • Vladimir IT

    Great place to work, friendly people, exciting and impactful projects.

  • Irina IT

    Thanks to HomeBuddy for the opportunity to be in the flow, through interesting and challenging tasks from businesses and super-professional colleagues.

  • Sergey Media Buying

    Working at HomeBuddy allows me to keep a healthy work-life balance and travel as much as I want. The things I value the most about Siren are a flexible schedule and a stress-free environment.

  • Victoria Finance

    Working at HomeBuddy there’s always support & trust at the same time, freedom to go out of the box in your area.

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