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Walk-In Tubs

You will be surprised how affordably seniors can get it now:

  • Available in most States

  • Fair price

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Heated backrest

  • Fast drain system

Walk-In Tubs

How Walk-In Tubs Can Improve Your Health


Walk-in tubs are safer (and easy) to use, plus, they are perfect if you have limited mobility. These walk-in tubs feature the latest innovations like:

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Therapeutic Jets & Deep Tissue Massage

Multiple air therapy jets gently blow warm air throughout the tub providing soft tissue therapy to promote restful sleep and a sense of overall well-being. An air massage system makes bathing more enjoyable by adding a soft tissue massage to your bath for the most calming and healing effect.
Therapeutic Jets Deep Tissue Massage

Sanitation & Aromatherapy[1]

An ozone sterilizer is an eco-friendly, chemical-free sanitizer that helps kill bacteria, viruses, microbes and germs and cleans your tub.
Also includes an aromatherapy feature to enhance the spa experience. Aromatherapy helps reinforce our body’s natural defenses by providing a state of tranquil relaxation.

Fast-Drain Technology

Equipped with a reliable, well-designed drain system allowing the tub to empty very fast. No need to sit in a cold tub waiting until it drains.
Fast-Drain Technology

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  1. Features vary depending on brand and model.