How Much Does It Cost To Install A Stairlift In Your Location?

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You will be surprised how affordably seniors can get it now:

  • Available in most States

  • Competitive local pricing

  • Fits all types of stairs

  • Installs on the stairs, not the wall

  • No structural changes to your home needed


Stairlifts are safe and very easy to use. They’re designed to help people with mobility issues move around the home without trouble.

The Average Installation Time Is: 4 Hours

A stairlift can usually be installed in less than four hours, and the unit mounts on the stairs, not on the wall so it’s quite simple for a professional. A curved stairlift is more complex but still takes no more than one day in most cases.

Stairlift Features

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Works With All Types Of Stairs

No matter the length, curve or width of your staircase, there is a stairlift to fit.

There are two basic types of stairways: straight and curved. If your stairs are a single flight of straight stairs, you can use a straight stairlift. Any other configuration including stairs with a landing will need a curved stairlift.

What is your ZIP Code?

Free, no-obligation estimates.

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  • Debbie M.

    5 stars rating

    “We have been very pleased from the initial contact through the end of the install. Everyone was kind, courteous, and understanding. The chairlift works extremely well, and has given me some freedom. The service was very quick. ”

  • Jo Ann D.

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    “Very courteous and informed about stairlifts. Helped me understand everything about it. Very easy to use. ”

  • Meg T.

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    “I am not sure how you find such great people to work for you but I am so impressed by their knowledge and professionalism ”

  • Harley W.

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    “We have been very pleased with the operation of this elevator and with your people who have serviced it. We will be continuing the service plan. Looking forward to Matt’s planned service visit! “


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