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Basement And Crawlspace Waterproofing

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  • Stop leaks and protect your home

  • End nasty smells and prevent mold

  • Stop pests and termites

  • Competitive local pricing

  • Professional local contractors

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Waterproofing Solutions

With a wide range of solutions designed to fit your budget, you’ll get reliable, long-term waterproofing protection that delivers real peace of mind.

Drainage System

Drainage System/Sump Pump

An automatic sump pump stops flooding and water damage so homeowners can relax knowing their house is protected even when they're away.

sealants & epoxy injections

Sealants & Epoxy Injections

Quickly seal cracks and gaps in concrete, masonry and stone - plus, sealants and epoxy injections are long-lasting and water resistant.

complete interior waterproofing

Complete Interior Waterproofing

Safeguard your home by utilizing interior membranes, efficient drainage systems, automatic sump pumps and sealants. Ensure maximum protection against leaks, moisture intrusion and potential flooding.

complete exterior waterproofing

Complete Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing involves applying a membrane and drainage system on the outside of your foundation walls to stop water seeping into your basement.

crawlspace sealing encapsulation

Crawlspace Sealing/Encapsulation

Shield your crawlspace against moisture, pests and mold and enjoy more fresh, breathable air in your home.

french Drains

French Drains

French drains effortlessly divert water flow away from your property to prevent serious damage and preserve the integrity and safety of your home.


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Protect Your Home & Enjoy More Of Your Space!

A local pro will help you gain absolute peace of mind by waterproofing your home. Enjoy more usable space, get extra storage and protect your house for years to come!

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  • Susan G.

    5 stars rating

    ”The team arrived on time and completed the task in a timely matter. You could not even tell that there was some work going on. They cleaned up the work area and asked me if I had any questions. Very pleased and would recommend this company to anyone. ”

    Acculevel, Inc.
  • Dick H.

    5 stars rating

    “Our estimator spent at least an hour inspecting our crawlspace and took lots of pictures to show us. The workers arrived on time and never seemed to take a break. Very professional, always had the right tools and supplies and were careful not to make a mess. It's such a relief to know that future dry rot and sagging floors has been eliminated. ”

    Acculevel, Inc.
  • Alexis C.

    5 stars rating

    “I needed drainage and a sump pump in my basement. They were efficient and communicated well. The installation team finished in a single day and were clean and courteous. ”

    Acculevel, Inc.
  • Eastside B.

    5 stars rating

    “Basement waterproofing. Foundation advice. The install team was very professional, courteous, prompt and considerate. Clean up afterwards. Job took about 8 hours. It looks really good. Looking forward to the spring rains thinking that we are ready. ”

    Acculevel, Inc.
  • Kevin H.

    5 stars rating

    “They came out to service a small water intrusion, seepage along a basement wall. Installed drainage, a sump pump, and egress window in our basement. I would not consider anyone else given my past and present experience. They listened and provided options and solutions that fit, along with being a very good value. ”

    Acculevel, Inc.

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