Average Costs of Window Replacement

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Window replacement

$3,500 - $35,000

The national average cost range for window replacement projects is from $3,500 to $35,000. The great difference in cost comes from the fact some homeowners only need a few windows updated while others get every window replaced. Cost can also be affected by the type of windows chosen, materials and local labor rates. The various choices you make will impact your cost - a HomeBuddy contracting partner will go over every option with you and provide a firm price.
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Cost Factors
Window Type
Windows come in a variety of shapes and styles, determined by how they open and their design. Each type comes with its own price range, depending on factors like size, frame type, and glass variety. Typically, smaller single-hung and picture windows are more budget-friendly, while larger bay and bow windows tend to be pricier. Glass selection also impacts costs, with single, double, or triple-pane options available. Generally, more panes mean higher expenses. A contractor will help you consider location and climate for an efficient glass choice, as it affects future energy bills.
Frame Materials
Windows come in many frame materials, each with its own traits and costs. Popular choices include vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, wood and composite. Vinyl and fiberglass fall within the mid-range category, whereas wood is pricier but offers a more natural look. Aluminum is the least expensive option but not the best insulator and potentially less energy-efficient. Some materials may be more long-lasting, but it's also crucial to factor in maintenance, like the potential need for repainting and cleaning.
Labor costs vary from region to region, so rates will depend on your location, with the complexity of the project also influencing the final price. If your project involves installation on second- or third-story windows or hard-to-reach spots, it may cost more. Additionally, replacing multiple windows at the same time requires more work. However, it's worth noting that some contractors offer discounts when replacing all the windows in a home at once. So, choosing to replace more windows can be a cost-effective investment.
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