Average Costs of Walk-in Tubs

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Walk-in Tubs installation

$7,000 - $35,000

The national cost range to install a Walk-In Tub is from $7,000 to $35,000. A basic prefabricated unit can be more affordable, while a custom tub may cost you more. There are other factors as well such as local labor costs, complexity of the project and the addition of optional features. A HomeBuddy contracting partner will discuss every detail and provide a firm cost before the project.
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Cost Factors
Tub Type & Features
The type of walk-in tub, its size and the features you select are the main cost factors. Walk-in tubs are available in a wide variety of styles and types, each with its unique set of options designed to meet your specific needs. These options range from standard alcove-style soaking tubs that can be customized with shower options to luxurious tubs equipped with advanced hydrotherapy or airbaths for the ultimate relaxation experience. The more sophisticated and larger the design of the tub, the higher the cost will be, both for the tub itself and its installation.
Walk-in tubs can be crafted from different materials, such as acrylic, porcelain, and Gelcoat. Many walk-in tubs are made with fiberglass-reinforced acrylic, offering durability and insulation. If you prefer easy cleaning, go for Gelcoat for its smooth surface. Not all manufacturers produce walk-in tubs from all materials, and not all features may be available based on the materials. Acrylic provides the most choices but can be pricier, while Gelcoat may offer fewer options. Porcelain falls in the mid-price range but is more prone to chipping.
While it is technically feasible to undertake the installation of a walk-in tub on your own, it is strongly advisable not to do it without hiring a professional. Opting for a DIY installation may seem cost-effective in terms of labor expenses, but potential water damage can easily outweigh any initial savings. When considering the cost of hiring a contractor for the job, first of all, labor costs will vary from region to region, depending on your location. Whether or not you need to remove or convert an older bathtub can also impact the total cost of the project.
What Homeowners Say
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    “The walk in tub fit perfectly and the installation crew were very polite and formal. Highly recommended!”
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    “Amazing place picked out model tub sat in very comfortable. ”
  • Lou Z.

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    "The best thing was how my wife was after that first bath with those fantastic water jets. ”
  • Julie R.

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    “The walk in tub has exceeded our expectations along with the installation team that came to install the tub. ”
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    “Great service. Andy and Anthony installed my walk-in tub and went above and beyond in the installation! ”