Average Costs of Siding

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Siding Replacement

$6,000 - $60,000

The average national cost range to replace siding is between $6,000 to $60,000. Some homeowners may choose budget-friendly materials and pay $6,000, while others could spend upwards of $60,000 for installing natural stone siding or for a larger square footage. The various choices you make will impact your cost - a HomeBuddy contracting partner will go over every option with you and provide a firm price.
Siding Repair

$200 - $3,000

The average national cost range to repair siding is $200 to $3,000. Cost will depend on a number of factors including the materials, labor costs, extent of repairs and size of the project area.
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Cost Factors
Siding comes in many materials and styles, each with their own pros and cons and price range. In broad terms, vinyl and aluminum are commonly chosen for their popularity and budget-friendliness, while cement and wood fall into the middle-range category. Brick, stucco, stone and steel are generally the most expensive options. While some materials are more durable, it's crucial to account for maintenance and the climate's impact, such as suitability for hot, humid conditions when choosing siding.
Costs vary from region to region, so to start, rates will depend on where you live. The time of the year also can impact these costs, as siding contractors may charge higher rates during peak seasons, from late spring to mid-fall. Typically, when considering the overall project cost, materials constitute approximately 50% to 55%, leaving labor to account for the remaining 45% to 50%. You may need to cover permit and inspection costs, generally coordinated by your contractor, with the fees often totaling a few hundred dollars, varying based on your location.
Typically, the price is calculated per square foot and depends on the unique characteristics of your house. In general, the more square footage your home has, the higher your cost will be, because the larger your home, the more labor and materials the project requires. Other home design aspects, such as the number of stories, the shape of the house, and architectural features, also impact your costs. Homes with ornate architectural features or complex angles tend to have higher labor costs, as measuring, cutting, and fitting each piece takes more time.
What Homeowners Say
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    ”We had Legacy to re-do the siding on our home and I would 100% recommend them to all of my friends and family. Their team was very clean, professional and did an even better job than we could have anticipated.”
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    “The quality of the siding, the amazing warranty, and expertise of the installers is bar none. Everyone we worked with was professional and caring.“
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    ”Explained what they were going to do and what they did regarding my roof, siding and gutters. High quality work and competitive pricing. The turnaround time was fantastic. Highly recommended.”
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    “Our home now has a rich and inviting look to it. This project was a wonderful experience and worthwhile investment. We will enjoy our maintenance free home for many years to come.“
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    “The crew was not only knowledgeable but very respectful of my home during installation. They did an outstanding job in less time than I expected”