Average Costs of Roofing

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Roof Replacement

$8,000 - $60,000

The national cost range to replace a roof ranges from $8,000 - $60,000. The final cost of your project depends on a number of factors including the size of the roof, materials, labor costs and whether you are repairing or replacing your roof. A HomeBuddy contracting partner will discuss every detail and provide a firm cost before the project.
Roof Repair

$200 - $3,000

The average national cost range to repair a Roof is between $200 and $3,000. Just like roof replacement, there are a number of different issues that will affect the cost of your project and either increase or decrease pricing such as size of the project, labor costs and chosen materials.
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Cost Factors
Labor is a significant part of any home improvement project that can impact price based on various factors. Firstly, labor costs vary from region to region - local costs may be more or less depending on where you live. Additionally, if your project takes place in extreme weather conditions such as severe cold or heat, it's reasonable to expect higher labor costs. Similarly, specific climates may require roofing materials that can endure the rigors of heat, cold, and heavy storms and this may also affect labor time and cost.
Materials are one area where you may be able to control costs. Asphalt shingles are an affordable and excellent-quality option for most homeowners. They look great and protect the home without breaking the bank. They typically cost less compared to high-end alternatives like tile, slate, or metal. Of course, some more expensive materials may have a longer lifespan or you may prefer them aesthetically, but either way, there are plenty of options to fit most budgets.
Scope of project
Typically, price is calculated per square foot and depends on the unique characteristics of your house. In general, the more square footage your home has, the higher your cost will be, with steeper roof pitches resulting in more square footage on the roof. Additionally, the complexity of the roof, its pitch, and the ease of access for workers are all factors that can increase the final cost.
What Homeowners Say
  • Shirley B.

    5 stars rating
    “The roof looks great I am so pleased that I chose your company. It has been a pleasure. I will certainly recommend you.”
  • Gerald B.

    5 stars rating
    “The entire roof replacement was a well organized and positive experience. My home contains a number of roof structures that don't lend itself to an easy or straight forward installation.The crew was amazingly adept at handling all of the challenges of the job.”
  • Scott M.

    5 stars rating
    “The service was outstanding. They were prompt to set the appt, very knowledgeable, and gave me an unbeatable deal for the value of the roof they are installing. I’d give 10 stars if I could.”
  • Nicholas A.

    5 stars rating
    “Masters did an amazing job on my roof! I knew every piece they were using and what step they all went on. The crew showed up, protected all my landscaping, took the old roof off, put the new one on, and cleaned up everything in one day!”
  • Robert N.

    5 stars rating
    “Not sales pitchy. Fair price for quality work. Prompt arrival, job completed in one day, cleanup was great. Have had three driving rain storms since the new roof was added, no issues. Very satisfied with my choice.”